If you love him,
Let him
Lose himself
Full force
In the arms
Of another.
Let him
Sip the sunrise
From her eyes,
Collect the colors in
Her voice,
A full chorus
Of the light spectrum
Just for him
Every time
She says his name.
Let his dark be
Illuminated by her
Love him enough
To save him
From the murder
Of your mind
The missing blind
In your bedroom
Window that lets too
Much light in,
The one you’re too
Tired to replace.
The knives on your
Nightstand your
Father gave you,
The scar on your breast
From the beach in the east 
Under a dying sun, half dead
With no sunscreen
After you laid him to rest,
Wanting to burn too.
Your wild eyes,
The hell that lives In them.
Your deranged laughter.
The way your face
Distorts when you cry,
The crows feet where
The tears get trapped,
The haunted years that
Made them.
The way a smile touches only
One side of your mouth.
The perfume you’ve worn since
You were fifteen
Bludgeoning everything.
The insomnia,
The words that keep
You awake,
The incessant ache.
If you love him
Let him breathe.
Let him go.


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