Death Becomes her (1)

In July 2015 after experiencing a personal tragedy, Michelle created Death Becomes Her, a Podcast that focuses on death, dying, and the briar patch of issues that arise for those who are left behind. It is her sincere hope that she can reach others who are grieving, confused or simply needing to be informed about the pitfalls, trials, and business transactions involved after a loved one passes.

I am excited that this new venture has been welcomed home at Digitalnerdage.com!

Find all episodes here: Digitalnerdage.com – Death Becomes Her

For comments, questions or suggestions regarding the Podcast, please write: dbhpod@gmail.com

Find the Podcast on Twitter: @dbhpod

and on Facebook: Death Becomes Her – Podcast

From April 2015 – July 2015, Michelle created a podcast with Crystal O’Rourke. They soon became part of the Digital Nerdage Network and have made a home there. Michelle was co-creator and co-host, as well as editor.

The Mistresses of Mayhem and Chaos had a focus on Indie Comics and their creators with creator interviews, reviews, and kickstarter specials, as well as topics ranging from death acceptance to astrophysics, and much much more, all with a fun slant.


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